Our Kitchen Showroom

Our Kitchen Showroom

Here at New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms we offer the largest kitchen showroom in Weymouth

One of the most important elements of planning your new kitchen is being able to see what is on offer, to be able take in the varying styles, finishes and textures that will help you make the choices that ultimately set up the blueprint for your dream kitchen.

Experience our different kitchen showroom sets as we take you through ‘the art of the possible’ beginning with our stunning modern true handleless range complete with state of the art appliances and beautifully crafted Corian worktops. If the contemporary look isn’t really what you’re searching for then explore our wonderful handmade traditional in-frame style kitchen, with stunning yet subtle walnut doors, bespoke mantle feature and classic worktops.




Fitting your kitchen shape

In and amongst the different kitchen ranges we showcase Islands, peninsulas, U-shapes, L-shapes and galley style kitchens. There are plenty of different ideas to help you on the way.


Finished in Dorset

New Image Kitchens are finished right here on the Dorset coast, where the care and attention to detail form the key part of our whole process. The beauty of being so involved in the manufacturing of our furniture is that we can make your kitchen the way you want it, we can offer the industry standard sizes or craft units to bespoke measurements and designs.


Helping you get your perfect kitchen

Together with our varying range of kitchen sets we have sample doors in shaker, slab and handleless styles with a selection of over fifty different types and finishes of work surface to really assist in making those important choices when working on the design. Hand in hand with this we have our team of designers that form the sounding board for your aspirations and help you achieve your vision of the perfect kitchen within our gratis design service. We look forward to welcoming you in to our kitchen showroom soon.